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Simple ways to be more conscious about how we use our resources.

And now it begins...

After much poking and prodding from my husband & friends, I am beginning this blog.  This blog is about living simply and using what we have efficiently.  There are no step by step instructions on how to live a simple life, it is a journey that requires a lot of observation, critical thinking, and willingness to change habits.  My aim in life is to live a happy and fulfilling life without stomping all over the natural environment.  I currently live in the city on a medium size lot of about 7,000 sq. feet with my husband, 2 year old son, a cat, and 2 beehives.  Routinely I am asking myself what I can do without and how to get the same quality of life by using less.  As disposable things run out in our household, I make a conscious decision on whether to replace the item, and if it needs replacing, the most efficient and environmentally responsible choice.  Thinking in these terms takes training.  I may be shy of 28 years old, but I have years of mindless consumerism conditioned into my brain.  I am the first to admit that I am a hypocrite and not on a straight path.  I regress into old ways at times, but find myself steering back in the right direction when I see something on a daily walk, have a thought-provoking discussion with a friend, read a pamphlet or article about an environmental topic, or by my husband nudging me with the next "project."  I hope whoever reads this, finds the posts insightful as well as entertaining.


About this blog

A weekly update on our adventures of trying to be more self-sufficient by using resources wisely. We explore a variety of topics that most broadly fit in the "Homesteading" category, i.e. beekeeping, organic gardening, edible landscaping/fruit forest, food preservation/canning, woodworking, soap-making, and environmental stewardship.

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