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How to Make a Christmas Wreath

Making a holiday wreath is a craft that I have enjoyed doing for three years.  I enjoy it so much that I made one for a friend this year!  To make a wreath, you need: 

  • A solid ring; it has to be a sturdy ring (sorry a clothes hanger won't work because it's too pliable).  I purchased a 12 inch non-bendable ring at a fabric store for a little under $3.00.
  • Florists wire.  One spool of wire will make several wreaths.  Cost: ~$3.00
  • Greenery boughs
  • Decorative items such as pine cones, holly, ornaments, bows, etc.
To keep the costs low, I reuse the ring and wire.  After the holiday season, the wire is wound onto a piece of scrap wood and packed away for the following year.  I also trim the pine tree in our yard (and neighbor's yard) when it's time to make wreaths rather than trimming them in the summer or fall.  I also use the pine boughs that are removed from the base of the Christmas tree.  Christmas tree lots also have piles of boughs.  The pine cones I use are picked off the ground in our yard and the holly branch was pruned from a bush in a nearby park.  The holly berries are plastic berries that I can reuse next year.  For wreath making instructions, watch this video:


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