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Homemade Chicken Feeder

Somethings just present themselves when you're least expecting it!  Take for instance the god-awful toilet that was in the bathroom in our new house!  I wish I had a picture showing the toilet still hooked up, but the toilet tank was attached to the wall about 8 feet from the floor and you pulled a chain to flush the toilet.  The design was certainly not our style and it used about 3 or so gallons of water each flush and the water ran continuously even after replacing parts.  Finally we decided to get rid of the blasted thing and discovered a new purpose for the box that held the water (of course there was a plastic insert inside the box that was removed).
The box...

The bottom of the box contained holes where the water entered and exited the toilet tank.  We glued boards over the holes to keep mice from entering the box.  

Holes were put in the front so the chicks could access the food. 

Boards were inserted into the box at an angle so the food would flow to the front.  The boards stopped right below the holes. 

A platform was added to the front to catch spillage. 
The feeder is resting on top of a cinder block so it is off the ground and 2 bricks were placed on top to keep the lid from sliding off.  Simple...only 20 minutes to complete, one less thing in the landfill, and money saved from buying a feeder!


Jill May 30, 2012 at 11:17 AM  

Awesome, I love it! I do wish I could have seen a picture of the toilet. Haha, oh my word that sounds rediculous! :-)

jenn merfee-t May 30, 2012 at 3:49 PM  

This is such a beautiful one-of-a-kind chicken feeder! This is a wonderfully inspiring idea to help others look at their "junk" and turn it into their own useful treasure! Now I am looking around my house to repurpose something old into something new and freshly loved.

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