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Winter Mending

Mending is not my favorite chore, but it turns time in the dead of winter when nothing is stirring outside.  Below are a few projects I finished:

Jon's travel bag zipper separated from the bag so I joined the two pieces with a strip of black fabric.

BBQ sauce stained this skort the first time I wore it.  The fabric was basically bleached so... 

a band of ribbon was added to cover the spot, and to make it symmetrical, a ribbon was added to the other side as well.

This Holly Hobby sleeping bag is probably 25 years old and the zipper broke several years ago.  It has been used as a blanket for years but that darn zipper always caught my face when I snuggled with it so I decided to once and for all remove the zipper and hem the edge. 

My nephew outgrew this jacket a few years ago and passed it down to Paul.  The zipper was broke and needed replacing. 

My first Christmas gift from oven mitt...10 years ago.  I finally wore a hole in it and couldn't say goodbye to it just yet so it now has a patch. 

I wonder how many patches this pair of work pants will get before it's retired? 

A pair of clogs I purchased for $2.00 at a garage sale 5 years ago.  The soles finally broke out...

so I took them to a shoe repairer and they are good for another several years. 

Fixed the cloth bag for grocery shopping. 

Another pair of pants that needed new elastic.  These were hand-me-downs from a coworker.  They are 2 sizes too big but Paul will wear them eventually.


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