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How to Make Beeswax Candles

For Christmas this year, Jon gifted me a bee skep candle mold!  I have to say, it's pretty darn cute and a great winter project.  The mold, wick, and wick bar was purchased from Ruhl Bee Supply.

Step 1: Prepare the area.  Spray the silicone mold with spray release (purchased at Hobby Lobby), thread the wick; secure the wick with a wick bar so it is taunt; and place rubberbands around the mold to keep everything snug.

Step 2: Set up a double boiler to melt the wax.  I used the same large pot that was used for rendering beeswax.  I didn't have a small pot to hold the wax so I reused a tin can.

Step 3: Heat the beeswax until the temp reaches 150-160 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Step 4: Slowly pour (to minimize air holes) the beeswax into the mold. 

Step 5: Fill the mold up to the wick bar.

Step 6: Pull the candle slowly out of the mold.  If you don't cut your wick beforehand, the mold will already be wicked for the next melting.  

Step 7: To level the bottom of the candle, slowly press down and move the candle around on the bottom of the pot. 

Finished candle is: 3.5 inches tall x 2.75 inches wide at the base.
It took 9oz of beeswax to make this candle. 

I want to mention a movie that I recently viewed on Netflix.  It's called More Than Honey.  This is another excellent documentary about the global problem our honeybees face.  The cinematography is awesome!


Christopher April 2, 2014 at 7:39 PM  

Those turned out really neat!

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