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Strawberry Harvest

 Strawberries are the first fruit of the summer and this year we had our hands full!  So full that after weighing 50 pounds of berries, I lost track.  We had a late spring freeze which bit a lot of the strawberry flowers, but apparently the plants recovered because from the picture above, you can see flowers everywhere! 

It seems like we can never have enough berries around our homestead and friends never tire from them either.  Aside from fresh eating, this year we added them to oatmeal, made coffee cake, smoothies, bread, pies, ice cream, and a lot of jam. 

This strawberry rhubarb pie made in a cast iron skillet was the best pie I had every tasted.  It almost had the flavor of a raspberry pie.  Thanks to my generous friend who has the most prolific rhubarb I have ever seen, traded me some rhubarb for some strawberries. 

My family loves homemade ice cream and naturally flavored with strawberries is a treat!

All together we made 26 pints of jam; some contained rhubarb and some were plain strawberry.  I have to hold back on the jam making every year because it's easy to get carried away filling dozens of jars and blackberry season is slowly approaching!  Jam is always a great gift idea too!


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