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Making Curtains from a Tablecloth

I am so thankful to have a mother who is handy with a sewing machine and has an eye for color!  Even better is that when she visits, she passes down her skills!  This past Christmas she visited us for 10 days and during this time we accomplished a few sewing projects including: pajamas, tank tops, and 8 curtains!  I am thrilled to finally take down the awful country-style curtains that are probably as old as the house...18 years.

This picture was taken before we moved in (sorry about the picture quality).  This fabric came in handy when making the mummy costume this fall!

I originally planned to make the curtains by hand but was faced with the fact that it is usually cheaper to purchase ready-made curtains than it is to buy the fabric and lining and make them by hand.  With my mom being handy with the sewing machine, she altered some store-bought curtains into a different style.

I prefer tab tops more than the ruffle.

For the breakfast room we made 3 simple valances using a 60 x 80 inch tablecloth we found on clearance for $10.50. There was even extra fabric for a table runner and some napkins with fabric still leftover.  If any friends and family reading this would like some cloth napkins, let me know!  With a little creative thinking outside the box, we have nice curtains to make this home feel more like our own.  Of course we still have painting to do, but curtains make such a difference!


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