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Seed Catalogs and Fruit Tree Addictions

It's that time of year...when Jon gets squirrely because seed catalogs arrive in the mail.  "Can we get these...let's try this variety...look at those plump berries...perhaps we can find room for a few more fruit trees..."  These phrases are like mantras repeated in the house until an order is placed and the pages of the catalogs are sufficiently dog-eared.  We only ordered 2 catalogs this year but received others as well.  Hmmm...someone must be selling our information?  For a few weeks now Jon and Paul have spent hours perusing the catalogs and drooling over the pictures.  There must be a support group for those with a spouse addicted to these catalogs!  Now that an order has finally been placed, I did an official count and we now have 26 fruit trees, 14 blueberry plants, and a bunch of other miscellaneous fruits such as kiwis, blackberries, raspberries, honeyberries, etc.!  We may have 17 acres but we are soon running out of open space for everything; so Jon decided to bring the trees inside...we have tropical trees now...lemons, limes, oranges, olives, and tangerines!  I can only imagine the amount of fruit there will be in 10 years....

In addition to the catalogs, Jon is making a seed inventory.  Surprisingly we only have a few vegetables to purchase this year because we saved so many seeds last year. 


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