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Uses For Sorghum

This is our second year growing sorghum just for the fun of it.  We planted about two dozen seeds because their corn-like stalks grow about ten feet tall producing beautiful, burgundy seed heads.  We don't have enough stalks to make the sweet sorghum syrup but the flower heads themselves have many uses.  They are great for decoration, popped for eating, ground into flour for baking, a substitute for cooking, and sprouted for salads.  In an effort to educate and inspire others, I sold some at The Wild Ramp where I volunteer. 


The seeds easily come off the stalk.  To separate the chaff from the seed, rub the seed on a screen and then blow lightly over the seed.  

Popped sorghum is very small compared to popped corn.

We made flour with some of the sorghum using the grain mill.  

To filter out the chaff we used a sifter for a cleaner product.

From the two pictures above you can see the difference in Bob's Red Mill Sorghum and ours.  Our variety was Red's Red Sorghum. 


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