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A Cute Little Box...

Recently I attended a baby welcoming party for a friend.  Before the party commenced, I was given a cute little box with a cupcake inside to take home.  All families were given these cupcakes and I felt the pressure to take one too.  Such a small, innocent-looking box with a plastic see-through lid showing a cute chocolate cupcake with pink frosting and silver sprinkles evokes happiness and a salivating mouth for everyone, right?  Well, not me.  I tried to look pleased and grateful for the gift, but I couldn't shake the feelings of wastefulness from my mind!  It's such a simple thing, but to me, I find it unnecessary.  I fought the urge to tear open the box, and pop the cupcake in my mouth in one bite, licking frosting off my lips, so I could forgo the use of the box.  I resisted the urge.  I could promptly decline the cupcake, right?  But in reality, it wasn't about the cupcake, it was the happiness I saw on the host's face as she generously handed me the box.  My stomach did a summersault as my fingers clutched the box.  

On the drive home, my stomach proceeded to do a backflip as the cupcake toppled off the seat next to me, and landed upside down onto the floor of the car while we all whipped around the winding road.  As I looked at the frosting smeared plastic window on the box, a thought came to me, "How about I put heart cookies in the box for Paul's daycare teachers as their Valentine's Day gift?  Yes!  Yes!  That will solve the problem of this cute little box that I have no use for!!"  So, there....problem solved.  The cute little box is being reused and sent onto a new owner.  And plus, wouldn't you rather receive heart cookies in a cute box smothered with the word, "LOVE," than a flimsy plastic Ziploc bag?


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