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Lolly Doll Look-A-Like

This project was a bit more involved than I had anticipated.  It started out as walk down memory lane with my childhood Lolly Doll and my coworker preparing for her first child.  I am certainly not a seamstress but I figured doll making couldn't be that difficult...or can it?  I am convinced that with a pattern, I could have eliminated a lot of extra steps, ripping out of stitches, and do-overs.  I made two heads because the first one was a disaster, but alas! I got back on the horse and finished it!  I am quite proud of my first doll and plan to make two more as "spares" for the next baby shower or birthday party.

How is this being resourceful you may ask?  I am expanding my repertoire of skills, not just in doll-making, but in the ability to look at something and replicate it through problem solving, trial & error, etc.  My sewing skills are improving.  I am also not supporting the China economy and/or a large big box store (e.g. Target).  I think more and more people are appreciating homemade gifts.  I am making the gift more personal because it took my time and will be unique from all of the other gifts.  It is a gift of my time more than anything. 

I hope the girl who receives this Lolly, cherishes her!  I took my Lolly Doll everywhere I went when I was a little girl.  From the picture you can see how dirty and faded she is from routine washing.  


Mel June 7, 2011 at 8:03 AM  

I think you did a wonderful job! I too took my beloved Lolly everywhere with me...from kindergarten to college. I am about to attempt to replicate Lolly myself in a darker color since 'he' will be for my son. The face looks perfect. Did you buy the eyes as they are or did you make them? Any tips you'd like to pass along? I'm a fairly skilled at sewing but this will be my first doll.

Holly June 9, 2011 at 6:40 PM  

Hello Mel,

The eyes are felt. I glued them on and then stitched around the exterior so they wouldn't fall off. Because the pieces are really small, there was a lot of hand stitching so it took much longer than anticipated. The nose and mouth are also hand-stitched. I traced the pieces and scanned them into a PDF document: Doll Pattern

I purchased the rattles from: for $.25 each.Pattern (PDF)

Anonymous January 10, 2016 at 4:23 PM  

that doll brings back memories. I brought my lolly doll everywhere. (I had more then one lolly doll) When the dolls got worn out, my mother made them over, and I still enjoyed them. You did a great job at fixing the doll.

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