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Soap Mold Making

Jon and I are pretty handy in the workshop, so when I started making soap, naturally I wanted to make my own molds.  I can use shoeboxes and yogurt containers for molds, but I wanted to have consistent bar sizes and a mold that is durable.  The pictures above are a mold that I made for a friend of mine that is selling her own soap. Making a mold seems simple----it's just a box with a cutting slot, right?  Well, it's not that easy because you have to consider the amount of oils in a batch and the specific size bar that you want.  A soapmaker who sells soap for a profit usually has a cigar band or other fancy wrapping that is used to display their soap.  With that in mind, the mold has to custom fit the size the soapmaker wants.  Making the box was a little tricky because I was measuring in 3/8 & 7/8 inches which is more difficult than let's say 1/2 inches.  Anyway, the mold is beautiful and functional.  I made the cutter to go with the mold out of sheet metal.  

The picture below is another mold and cutter that I made.  I am thinking of selling these molds, so if you know of someone who needs one, let me know!


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